They were prompted by a desire to show their appreciation for these islands which had become their adopted home and whose welfare had now become their own concern.


Parents don’t just need assistance to go overseas, they also need help for the basic medication and physical apparatus they need to buy. It just warms my heart that we are able to provide this assistance.


When you think nobody is there for you, and then you realise the Committee of 25 can help – that’s an unmatched feeling.


Good Day Committee of 25,

Please take this time to allow me to express my extreme gratitude for all the assistance that you have provided for my daughter Aryah Symonds-Govia. Not once but 4 times you have helped us in such a short period and my heart is so full. As a young first time mother; to a daughter with unique requirements you have taken away so many of my financial burdens. It is safe to say that this committee is heaven sent.

Be proud as you continue to be a blessing to our community.

Delijah Symonds-Johnson, Bermuda

"I had the pleasure of meeting A's mother and Uncle B at the office this morning. They came to thank us for all we had done for A as a child and made a $2,000 donation to the charity. He is too old for us to assist now but they wanted to express their gratitude. They are preparing to leave the island shortly for another 3-week trip to Boston with A as he undergoes further procedures. She was about to make a donation to another charity but changed her mind after she saw the article."

Valued Donor , Bermuda

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